Wellcome to Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer

This web is dedicated to all the youngsters who wrote this guide, that have put so much energy and hope into this project.
To you, who are reading it, because you are also part of this trip…

This web is for YOU! It´s been written by kids on your same situation who have thought to write this guide to help you out. It has been written by other kids that were also afraid and had many doubts…others that were sick and decided to share with you their experience.
There has been many other professionals, such as doctors, nurses, porters, cleaning ladies, teachers, who have wanted to participate and bring us all closer together by writing and explaining what cancer is about and what you will be surrounded by in the next few months.
Talking about cancer can sometimes be very scary, and not being able to put in words what you are feeling, or if you´re having a hard time understanding what you will have to go through, makes it even harder. The reason why we wrote this guide is so that you have a “friend” to lean on while you go through this difficult trip; and to make this sickness more comprehensible for its victims.
This guide will make you company through this tedious sickness, and I hope that it becomes an allay when it comes to fighting it! You will read others experiences, very useful information we are always afraid to ask.
It’s a web for you to read, either slowly or quickly, jumping from one chapter to the other, or just reading whatever you feel like reading.
You must keep in mind that this will be your web, it´s for you, about others, and about what is going to happen to you in the next few months.
Rosalía Lorenzo González
Coordinator of the project


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